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At first, I suspected the call was illegitimate, but I was eventually worn down by the tactics used by the fraudsters. They knew some of my personal information, and one of the caller's numbers showed up as "York Regional Police" on my cell phone. Eventually, I was convinced to withdraw $17000 from my bank and take it to a convenience store in Richmond Hill, where i deposited the money into a Bitcoin ATM. The machine converted the cash to Bitcoin and transferred the funds to the caller. Have never heard of Bitcoin before receiving the call. They made me believe that it was a machine used by Revenue Canada to transfer money quickly, after few hours I began to realize what had happened, a friend of mine blair thompson told me about ultimate crypto currency which i called and gave them all the necessary information's they need and i was given some days for their investigations. To my greatest surprise they called me and ask for my bitcoin wallet and they transferred back all my money. i'm giving out this testimonies to save scammed innocent people. If you are interested just call or email them without hesitations contact: ultimatecryptoinvestment456 @ gmail com whatsApp +1(704)7690765

Reviewed By: louisecuffman99...2021-01-28 07:03:01

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